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Jamie Shanks


Sales for Life

Anthony Iannarino

Sales Kickoff Speaker, Sales & Marketing Leader

VP, Digital Marketing, 

Miller Heiman Group

Yann Ropars

Dave Howe

VP Knowledge Transfer, Sales for Life

Social Selling Evangelist, #SocialSelling

Author and Keynote Speaker

Tim Sanders

Mark Hunter

The Sales Hunter, Keynote Speaker

Brian Lipp

VP of Sales

Sales for Life

Ron De Appolonia

VP of Client Training

Sales for Life

Brian Lipp

VP Sales, Sales for Life

Knowledge Transfer Specialist

Ron De Appolonia

Gabe Laresen

VP of InsideSales Labs

Steve Woods

CTO and Co-Founder

Ben Cotton

Sr. Marketing Manager, Sales Enablement


Kim Babcock

Director of Customer Engagement


Brandon Redlinger

Director of Growth


Amar Sheth

VP of Customer Success

Sales for Life

Christian Obando

Director of Inside Sales EMEA

Juniper Networks

Jim Dickie

Co-Founder & Independent Research Fellow

CSO Insights

Rahul Kumar

Founder & CEO

Resonate Business Ignition

Wendy van Gilst

Global Social Media Marketing Lead


Global Director of Sales Enablement


Paul Butterfield

Jim Close

Regional Vice President, UK&I


Francisco Ramón Pelzing

Global Manager Henkel Adhesives Professional Campus


Jill Rowley

Social Selling Strategy, Speaker, Startup Advisor


Stay Ahead of Emerging Best Practices

Sales today is constantly forced to evolve to meet the demands of the modern buyer. We'll help provide proven best practices and battle-tested strategies that many of today's global companies are using to outperform their competitors.

Accelerate Pipeline And Revenue

Learn what it takes to create a more efficient revenue machine – not only for sales, but for your entire organization. Get actionable tips and strategies on how to align with the modern buyers and grow revenue today.

Get Key Takeaways & Insights

You will have access to engaging content but also documents outlining key takeaways from each session. With four consecutive weeks of content, you can choose to learn whenever you want and pick topics that are relevant to your needs.

Join 1000's of sales leaders and professionals for the most innovative learning event of the year.

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Are you a B2B leader focused on accelerating revenue?

Modern Sales Series is a four-week online event to help you understand the necessary strategies, skills and emerging best practices that drive sales today.

We cover 8 key topics such as social selling, winning in the enterprise, account-based sales and more. 

No more so-called thought leaders. You will learn from successful practitioners and leave with actionable insights that you can apply in your company.

Join us!


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Four-Week Event | September 26 to October 19, 2017

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1:00 PM ET

2:00 PM ET

3:00 PM ET

Tuesday, Sept. 26th

12:00 PM ET

Tuesday, Sept. 26, 2017  | 2 PM EST

Thursday, Sept. 28, 2017 | 2 PM EST

EMEA VS. Americas VS. APAC: Global Differences In Implementing Social Selling

Yann Ropars, VP of Digital Marketing, Miller Heiman Group

Jamie Shanks, Sales for Life

Rahul Kumar, Founder & CEO, Resonate Business Ignition

Wendy van Gilst, Global Social Media Marketing Lead, Sage

Jim Close, Regional Vice President of UK&I, Kofax

Francisco Ramón Pelzing, Global Manager Henkel Adhesives Professional Campus, Henkel

Ron De Appolonia, VP of Client Training, Sales for Life

Paul Butterfield, Global Director of Sales Enablement, Vonage

The State of Sales Development [New Research]

Gabe Larsen, VP of Inside Sales Lab, 

Brian Lipp, VP of Sales, Sales for Life


1:00 PM ET

2:00 PM ET

3:00 PM ET

Tuesday, Sept. 26th

12:00 PM ET

Tuesday, Oct. 3, 2017  | 2 PM EST

Thursday, Oct. 5, 2017 | 2 PM EST

How to Make 2018 The Year of Sales Enablement

Ben Cotton, Sr. Marketing Manager, Sales Enablement, Hubspot

Winning in The Enterprise: Emerging Sales Trends Within Top Global Companies

Jill Rowley, Social Selling Strategist, Speaker and Evangelist

Ron De Appolonia, VP of Client Training, Sales for Life

Christian Obando, Director of Inside Sales EMEA, Juniper Networks

1:00 PM ET

2:00 PM ET

3:00 PM ET

Tuesday, Sept. 26th

12:00 PM ET

Tuesday, Oct. 10, 2017  | 2 PM EST

Thursday, Oct. 12, 2017 | 2 PM EST

What Good Sales Leaders Need To Sell Change

Jim Dickie, Co-Founder & Research Fellow, CSO Insights

Steve Woods, Founder & CTO, Nudge

Jamie Shanks, CEO, Sales for Life

Product Has No Place At Your Sales Kickoff

Anthony Iannarino, Best-Selling Author

Amar Sheth, VP of Customer Success, Sales for Life

1:00 PM ET

2:00 PM ET

3:00 PM ET

Tuesday, Sept. 26th

12:00 PM ET

Tuesday, Oct. 17, 2017  | 2 PM EST

Thursday, Oct. 19, 2017 | 2 PM EST

Social Listening: The First In Your Social Selling Journey

Kim Babcock, Director of Customer Engagement, Trapit

Amar Sheth, VP of Customer Success, Sales for Life

How To Enhance Account-Based Sales With Social Selling

Brandon Redlinger, Director of Growth, Engagio

Ron De Appolonia, VP of Client Training, Sales for Life